Creative Director, concept creation, strategy, site architecture, user interface design, liaison for account staff and developers

Create a Web site as the central touchpoint for a promotion with a target audience of 18–24 year olds during the peak summer period when they are out of school. The ideal promotion would make the brand stickier with the target audience by driving repeat interaction with the Web site.   


The promotion itself was conceived as a two-phase sweepstakes with users banking codes online in June and spending them as sweepstakes entries in August. Because of this two-phase approach, the site needed to be flexible enough to work in two different over arching user states without changing the interface. By giving a prize away during every hour of every day in August, we achieved repeat interaction.

To further engage an audience that is constantly exposed to video games and mobile interactions, I wanted to simulate 3-D space as core to the primary interface on the site, so Wonka’s hat was modeled in MAYA and coded for use on the site. Entering the site caused the hat to rotate to reveal the primary interface. In Phase 1 prizes constantly rotated around the hat like a carousel—providing motion and a visual cue to the scope of available prizes. In Phase 2, the same rotation happened once an hour as prizes changed—providing a glimpse at upcoming prizes and showcasing what had been given away in previous hours.