Creative Director, concept development, writing, design, prototype

Create a brand platform that would support multiple steps to aid new business development. 

The Traction Book was a part of a larger marketing campaign intended to introduce Ryan Partnership to potential new clients. I developed a path to purchase platform: ATTRACTION, INTERACTION, REACTION, TRANSACTION, TRACTION, SATISFACTION to work as a multipart communication process. ACTION was highlighted as the core benefit to the client’s business activity as a result of working with Ryan. Each action was supported by a dimensional piece intended to encourage action by potential clients.

As a leave-behind after an initial client meeting, the Traction Book needed to be something the audience would want to keep as a conversation piece. As such, it was highly tactile and conceptual.

To create the prototype I used  bicycle tires for the cover, and pool table felt, anti-slip tape and Astroturf for the interior pages. Traditional ring binding was aesthetically unappealing and less than functional, so  ball joint snap rings and wire form the binding.