Creative Director, concept development, writing, design, production oversight

This project required high-level production value on a short timeline. The challenge was to create a production-grade, one-off package that would bridge the Sonic and Ryan brands while acting as a memorable delivery device for an RFP response. 

The solution needed to be simple and straightforward as there was no time for complicated production methods. Inspiration was taken from the form of the physical frame of Sonic drive-in menu boards. Tight timing dictated that a hand-drawn sketch and a conversation with the production company staff would have to suffice, instead of following normal workflow by producing a detailed form factor drawing. I wanted an exact fit on the two halves of the packaging, so they would feel like they had been precisely machined. To help counteract the vacuum created when opening the box, holes were cut into the sides—these served a dual purpose as finger holes to help the user grip the smooth surface of the cover. 

Ryan’s position as a strategic thought leader was highlighted with word play on Sonic’s trademark “Your Ultimate Drink Stop.” This became organic to the piece by placing it on a cup.