Design direction, strategy, conceptual direction, UI/UX design

As an early-stage start-up, Root was in need of guidance in the areas of design, product development and overall value proposition. 

The core idea was in place: to develop a driving app that included a safe driving pledge and, eventually, invite-only insurance offers. But, as a new team, there was no established workflow or collaborative tools in place. 

I began the design management process by facilitating working sessions to define the company's value proposition, initial MVP and business model direction—which included a pivot, based on research, away from a safe driving pledge and toward driver rewards.

The key decision to develop for iOS exclusively during beta brought focus to the team and implementation of scrum process helped define users stories and sprints goals. 

The design and development of a gamified user experience supported by a rewards system aligned with the core value proposition of incentivizing good driving behavior.

Prior to beginning MVP2 development, I planned and facilitated a day-long workshop that included a collaborative retrospective of the beta process, feature planning and goal setting for contingency deals.