Creative Director, managing process change

Chase Picks Up the Tab is an established in-branch retail promotional campaign. The creative for this, and other in-branch merchandising sets, had become stale and formulaic—restrictions on typography, showing humanity and color palette often emphasized this.  

The client had moved away from conducting photo shoots after an expensive location shoot conducted by a previous creative director resulted in most of the images having to be clipped from their backgrounds. As a result hundreds of hours of art director time were spent on subsequent campaigns in order to match aesthetics on stock photography across touchpoints.

By challenging established formulas, carefully planning, art directing and executing photo shoots, and by acting as a mentor to the writers and art directors assigned to the business, I was able to move the creative  toward a more refined visual language with improved retail appeal. As an added benefit, efficiency increased.

This merchandising set put a fresh spin on Chase Picks Up the Tab. Instead of repeating a lockup across the set as a headline, the typography visually paid off the idea that by using your credit or debit card Chase could pay for your purchase. The treatment of the promotion as a supporting lockup allowed the headlines to engage consumers with multiple program benefits without becoming repetitive.