Creative Director, concept development

Branch managers in Chase retail banking locations were seeing a decline in customer interaction for promotions featured on floor banners. Chase was introducing a new iPhone app and wanted a new form factor that would be dimensional and disruptive to gain customer attention. Timing for this request came late in the merchandise development cycle, so quick turnaround was crucial. 

After multiple attempts by another  creative team were seen as too boxy and traditional, I was asked to lead a quick exploratory for a same-day meeting. Along with a group of three art directors, I quickly turned out multiple sketches for new forms, paying special attention to creating something that would be dimensional and organic. The sketches were reviewed, a handful selected that showed promise and we quickly made miniature prototypes from paper, foam core and chopsticks (materials on hand) and sent these prototypes with the concept director to a client meeting. The client selected one of the initial prototypes for development and it was produced. During the campaign, app downloads and use increased by more than 340%.